I purchased a home from Linda Vista Lumber Yard & Homes. It was a great experience, the service was really unexpected. I was and am still very, very happy with the house. I would recommend the services of Linda Vista to anyone who is looking to purchase a home, it was very inexpensive and completely worth it!
Fundisha Haynes – Ladyville, Belize District
We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the home. The workmanship and materials exceeded our expectations and we have had no problems at all with the building. When it comes time to build again - we will definitely be talking to you first.
Mike & Nicole Orton – Hopkins Village, Stann Creek
It is with great pleasure to recommend LVLY as a builder of choice for Wood Custom Homes. Scott and his staff are conscientious to their craft, and his carpenters demonstrated great attention to detail
Pamela Dayka – Santa Familia, Cayo
At Linda Vista Lumber and Houses we aim to provide the highest quality service to meet all your lumber requirements for orders big or small. We offer custom sawing, the supply of hard or soft woods in various sizes plus siding and flooring in a choice of exotic woods.

In addition, we can supply custom wooden houses in a variety of sizes or to your own custom design and specification.

The table below gives our current prices for certain standard sizes but please feel free to contact us for a custom quotation.

House Shells Only:
Floor Area
(square feet)
Price w/GST
10 x 14140$5670.00
10 x 16160$6,480.00
12 x 14168$6,804.00
12 x 18216$8,748.00
14 x 16224$9,072.00
14 x 18252$10,206.00
16x 16256$10,368.00
16 x 18288$11,664.00
16 x 20320$12,960.00
16 x 24384$15,552.00
18 x 20360$14,580.00
18 x 22396$16,038.00
18 x 24432$17,496.00
18 x 26468$18,954.00
20 x 20400$16,200.00
20 x 24480$19,440.00
20 x 26520$21,060.00
20 x 30600$24,300.00
20 x 34680$27,540.00
20 x 36720$29,160.00
20 x 40800$32,400.00
  • We only build and deliver on the mainland of Belize.
  • GST - Government Sales Tax @ 12.5%
  • Posts are not included in the prices. We charge $55.00 for each post, setting the floor 3ft above ground. Posts are set 8ft apart.
  • Raising house above 3ft is $300.00/ft between 4-9ft. It also requires longer posts and steps.
  • Transportation will be charged according to distance and size of house, and includes digging holes and setting house on posts.
  • Painted roofing - 3.5% more.
  • Hip roof - 10% more.
  • “Second grade” and/or Metal siding houses are also available.
  • Verandas may also be included for an additional cost. See the table below for examples.
  • To place an order, we require 50% down payment, and the rest before the house leaves our yard. Various payment options are available upon inquiry.
  • We also provide partitions, installation of complete bathrooms, electrical and plumbing work. Ask us for a quotation or see the table below for examples.
Interior Options Available:
  • Houses come with Mahogany or glass louver windows.
  • Upgraded windows available - Sliding or French.
  • Cathedral (vaulted) ceiling.
  • Exotic hardwood ceiling (as shown in our photo gallery).
  • Bay windows.
  • Tiled showers.
  • Drywall or hardboard wall finish options are available.
  • Toenail Flooring (Hidden nailing).
  • Tar paper in walls under siding.
  • Insulation - Walls & Ceiling.
  • Hurricane clips/straps.
  • We also provide partitions, installation of complete bathrooms, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, electrical and plumbing work.

Veranda Prices:
Price w/GST
6 x 12$1,984.50
6 x 14$2,315.25
6 x 16$2,646.00
6 x 18$2,976.75
6 x 20$3,307.50
  • GST - Government Sales Tax @ 12.5%
  • Painted roofing - 3.5% more.
Basic Finished Houses:
Price w/GST
16 x 16$17,961.75
20 x 24$30,667.50
20 x 36$42,474.35
  • GST - Government Sales Tax @ 12.5%
  • Basic finish includes finished walls, ceiling, partitions, bathroom, and electrical
  • All plus transportation costs