Lumber Sales

Hard to believe we are placing a lumber order for the 20th house to be built in Gales Point! Quote looks good, Go ahead and fill the order. Thanks
Belize Mission & Retreat - Founders & Director's - Basil & Vera de Klerk
Thanks for everything so far, Scott and crew, you guys are doing fantastic with your service and work.
Wade Sekulich – Hopkins Village, Stann Creek
Thank you for your patience and your hard work.  Your business is very valuable to our group
Joseph M. Barrs BFA, MS – Ladyville – Mission Team
Here at Linda Vista, we provide a variety of quality materials to suit your needs.
Some of the main species of woods we carry are as follows:

Emory (San Juan), Tamarind, Guanacaste, Bitterwood 

Santa Maria, Nargusta, Malady, John Crow Wood, etc 

Extra Hardwoods:
Cabbage Bark, Billyweb, Bullet Tree, Sapodilla etc. 

Exotic Hardwoods:
Honduras Mahogany, Spanish Cedar, Hobillo, Granadillo, Poison Wood, Zericote, Redwood, Barba Jolote, Samwood, Purpleheart, Prickly Yellow, Rosewood etc.

First and Second Grade Lumber is also available.

We can also supply:
  • Siding
  • Flooring  - 3 different grades
  • Dressed (planed) lumber.
and offer:
  • Wooden louvers
  • Custom planing
  • Custom cutting
  • Bandsaw blade sharpening and setting