“Create with the heart; build with the mind.”

― Criss Jami, Killosophy

About Us

Linda Vista Lumber and Houses aim to provide the highest quality service to meet all your lumber requirements for orders big or small. We can supply custom wooden houses in a variety of sizes or to your own custom design and specification. We offer custom sawing, custom planing into siding, flooring, or square edge, the supply of hard or soft woods in various sizes plus siding and flooring in a choice of exotic woods.

Feel free to call/email us for detailed pricing information and more!

Our Story

Frank Plett


Linda Vista Lumber and Houses was started in 1989 by Frank Plett of Spanish Lookout, who saw the need for lumber, and eventually prefabricated houses in a rapidly growing community and country. From day 1, our emphasis in business has been on Excellence in Service and Quality in our Products, seeing that a good reputation as one of our most important assets.

Linda Vista Lumber and Houses is a trusted name country wide, supplying lumber and prefabricated houses anywhere on the mainland, built to order. As our customers’ new ideas and creativity have increased, we as builders have grown to match them.

Our Lumber

Here at Linda Vista, we provide a variety of quality materials to suit your needs. Some of the main species of woods we carry are as follows. First and Second Grade Lumber is also available. Contact us for more information.

Softwood Lumber

Emory (San Juan), Tamarind, Guanacaste, Bitterwood

Hardwood Lumber

Santa Maria, Nargusta, Malady, John Crow Wood, etc

Extra Hardwood Lumber

Cabbage Bark, Billyweb, Bullet Tree, Sapodilla etc.

Exotic Hardwood Lumber

Honduras Mahogany, Spanish Cedar, Hobillo, Granadillo, Poison Wood, Zericote, Redwood, Barba Jolote, Samwood, Purpleheart, Prickly Yellow, Rosewood etc.